MOS05 — 20000907 — MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION : (FILES) Financial and media tycoon Boris Berezovsky gestures during his press conference in Interfax news agency, 07 September, 2000. Self-exiled Russian tycoon Berezovsky on Saturday, 12 January 2002, vowed to release evidence linking Russia’s FSB security service to a deadly wave of 1999 bomb blasts that helped spark the current war in Chechnya. ‘I have long spoken out about the role of the secret service in the apartment bomb blasts in Moscow’, Berezovsky said in an interview published in Kommersant daily, which he owns. Berezovsky, who previously held a senior security post in the Russian government, is living in exile after being charged with fraud and corruption by the Russian government. EPA PHOTO EPA FILES/YURI KADOBNOV

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Запорожские школьники пополнили «Молодежную полицейскую академию»

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